How to compost in

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Here’s the gist

  • Public organic waste bins throughout town
  • Private pickup options also available

Municipalidad del Cusco has no residential food scrap pick-up service as part of its regular waste collection services.

Some public areas of Cusco have a dedicated organics waste bin. See Mercado San Blas and some of the plazas within Centro Histórico. Unfortunately these bins are often contaminated with other rubbish.

A photograph of three metal bins.
The Punto Ecológico at Mercado San Blas with the organics bin on the right-hand side.

That said, Municipalidad del Cusco is making strides with its Qosqo Recicla programme. Pop-up information sessions are often provided in local plazas, such as Plaza San Francisco.

Private options

Qosqomposta offers a residential and business organic waste collection service. You can often find their bins in the foyers of apartment complexes within Centro Histórico.

A photograph of a Qosqomposta-branded bucket.
A typical apartment complex Qosqomposta food scrap collection bucket.
A photograph of a woman hauling buckets of compost with a bicycle in Cusco’s Plaza de Armas.
Image: Qosqomposta.