How to compost on the
Sunshine Coast

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Here’s the gist

  • Drop-off points in Maroochydore, Coolum, and Yandina
  • High concentration of ShareWaste drop-off points in the area

Sunshine Coast Council has no residential food scrap pick-up service as part of its regular waste collection services.

The council has publicly committed to implementing a Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) service in the near future, although with no firm timeline.

A photograph of a large green bin with ‘Green Waste Only’ written on it.
Keep your food scraps out of the green bins... for now.

Drop-off points

The Sunshine Coast has a high concentration of ShareWaste hosts that accept food scraps for composting.

The following community gardens also accept food waste drop-off:

A photograph of a black compost bin inside a park.
Coolum Commons relies on community volunteers to maintain the site. Help out by turning the compost or contributing your time.

Workshops and resources

Sunshine Coast Council runs regular workshops on at-home composting. You can find these on the library system’s events calendar. Future events are typically posted every school holidays (i.e. four times a year, once after each school term).

The council also maintains a dedicated composting and worm farms page which links to a comprehensive video series.