How to compost in
Buenos Aires

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Here’s the gist

  • Public organic drop-off points throughout the city, staffed during certain hours

Buenos Aires Ciudad has no residential food scrap pick-up service as part of its regular waste collection services.

The city runs a public drop-off programme for various waste streams called Puntos Verdes. Organic waste is one of these waste streams, collected in the Compostera Comunitaria bins adjacent to the Punto Verde shipping containers.

A photograph of a Punto Verde shipping container and Compostera Comunitaria compost bins in Buenos Aires.
A Punto Verde shipping container (left) and series of Compostera Comunitaria bins (right).

Compostera Comunitaria bins are only accessible during staffed hours, and these hours differ to the Punto Verde (shipping container) staffed hours. The staffed hours for Compostera Comunitaria are typically:

These hours differ between comunas. You should cross-reference the hours advertised on the above Puntos Verdes link for your comuna with the Buenos Aires Ciudad Residuos Orgánicos page and related social media updates.

A search for “Punto Verde” on Google Maps is a great starting place if you are new to the city and unsure of your local comuna.